Myths About Coffee

Statistics show that the average coffee drinker consumes about three and a half cups of coffee a day. Coffee shops are a favored gathering place for coffee drinkers and are often bustling, filled with everyone from aficionados to people who need a little energy boost. Whether you order coffee beans online, buy ground coffee from…

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Why Are Coffee Shops So Loved?

Your favorite coffee shop may be the place you go to get your coffee beans, and a quick cup of Joe, but coffee shops have been community gathering spots for centuries where big decisions were made. Coffee shops are a great neutral meeting ground. People fall in love in coffee shops, they make big plans…


5 Fun Coffee Facts

Coffee is the third most popular drink in the world. Coffee beans are second in line after petroleum as the most traded commodity in the world. You can order ground coffee online, whole beans, buy them in stores. There are coffee shops, coffee traders, coffee growers, and tons of coffee drinkers around the world. Coffee’s…

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Recent Trends Affecting Coffee Consumption

Coffee has a long history that stretches across multiple continents. The nature of the drink was always changing as it moved across different regions. In modern times, it has become available in a wide range of flavors and offerings. Currently, digitization and demand for personalization are the chief factors driving coffee trends. A Multi-Sensory Experience…