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Historical Facts You Did Not Know About Coffee

Nov 7, 2022 (Updated on Jan 22, 2023)

Did you know that coffee is the third most drank beverage in the world? Coffee is incredible and for most people, it is an essential part of their morning. The majority of people could not imagine life without it. But, despite the love that coffee drinkers have for their morning cup, most don't know much about the history of coffee. To solve that, we have compiled a list of 4 historical facts for you coffee lovers that you may have not known.

Who Discovered Coffee?

The Ethiopian goat herder by the name of Kaldi is the one that originally discovered coffee, myths say. He first discovered the potential of these wonderful, tiny beans in the 1500s. The story says that after Kaldi noticed his goats had eaten berries from a specific tree, they became too active and energetic to sleep that night. Kaldi shared his findings with the monks and it rapidly spread across the civilized world.

The Process Of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are found inside the fruit know as the "cherry" that grows on the coffee plant. Each cherry contains a pit that has two seeds of coffee, known as the "beans". They are typically picked by hand, dried, and then roasted before they reach the final product of coffee.

It Became Popular After the Boston Tea Party

Before the Boston Tea Party events, most American colonialists were tea drinkers because it was the drink of choice in Britain. Though, in 1773 tea taxes were increased by a great number. Hundreds and hundreds of imported chests were hurled into the sea as an act of protest. It was then seen as an act of patriotism to drink coffee in the United States, and its popularity began to blossom.

Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee

When coffee first came to be, there were multiple attempts to ban it. All over the world people of power tried to have coffee banned as it was viewed as satanic and could even result in punishments if you were caught drinking it. Places such as Sweden, Italy, and more. It was seen as a competition for beer drinking in Prussia but failed at an attempt to prohibit it. In all these endeavors, coffee was not successfully banned.

Coffee has become one of the most popular drinks and one of the most profitable. It is also in fact the second most traded commodity in the world, behind crude oil. For all coffee drinkers, it may be interesting to know some about the history of your favorite morning beverage. Stop into our coffee shop and grab a cup of goodness.