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Why Ground Coffee Can Be Better Than Whole Bean

Jun 21, 2020 (Updated on Mar 21, 2023)

Coffee may just be the lifeblood of working America. Coffeehouses, baristas, and the wide variety of roasts available can flood the senses with so much information that it's difficult to know where to start. Especially if you just want a quality cup of coffee.

Additionally, there is always a debate "brewing" among coffee enthusiasts that whole bean coffee is much better than ground coffee. While both sides make excellent points, we'd like to take a minute or two to highlight why ordering ground coffee might just be the best choice for you. Not only is it simpler and easier to make in many cases, but it has much of the same benefits as whole bean coffee.

Always Be Ready for a Cup

When you have ground coffee lying around, you're always ready to brew a cup. It almost doesn't matter what the brewing method you prefer is, because ground coffee works perfectly in a French press, drip coffee maker, or percolator easily. Having ground coffee around your home is like constantly being able to plan a party on a whim -- you've got all the ingredients necessary to brew quality cups of coffee without sacrificing any time or energy to nonsense like grinding or finding out that your beans have gone stale. By learning the proper storage methods for ground coffee and investing in such equipment, you can grab and go brew whenever you feel like it.

Ground Coffee Is Easier to Store

People may drone on and on about whole bean coffee being superior to ground coffee, but the simple fact is that ground coffee is much easier to store long term. It takes up less space, can be pressed into bricks or other containers, mixed with other ingredients, such as spices or flavorings, and is always instantly ready to brew. By grinding your coffee now and storing it properly, you can always have your favorite beans ready to go for whatever method you choose. No more waiting around for beans to grind or finding out that you don't have a grinder on hand.

It Has Health Benefits

Did you know that 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging? According to a recent study, this can lead to a 65% decrease in developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. When you order ground coffee online, you're shipping yourself a whole bunch of goodness so that you can be healthier and happier in the long run. Just because coffee is already ground doesn't mean that it's lost any of that special spark that we want in our cup.

Keep Your Same Brewing Methods

If you're a drip coffee aficionado, French press addict, or percolator fan, then you don't really need to keep whole bean coffee around. The main benefit of keeping whole beans around is that you can grind them in different ways for different methods of brewing. But if you're ride or die with drip coffee, then you'd be much better off simply grinding your beans now and storing them for your brewing method of choice. You'll optimize your workflow when it comes to brewing your favorite cups and not have to stray into the paradox of choice when it comes time to grind your beans. Stick with what works until you decide otherwise and enjoy your ground coffee.

A Cup of Joe is All You Need

Life just isn't complete without a cup of joe, is it? From mornings reading and soaking up the sun to afternoon delights, coffee beans in their various forms just simply make life more enjoyable. When you order ground coffee online from a quality business such as The Golden Roast Coffee House, you can be confident that you're getting premium coffee from people who know best and care about results. Just because coffee is ground doesn't mean that it's lost any health benefits or flavor, and by properly storing it you can almost guarantee that you'll have a quality cup on hand whenever you need it. With coffee this good, who needs anything else?