Chocolate Bar

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Notes: Milk Chocolate

Elevation: 1300 meters

Process: Fully washed

Roast: Medium

*Naturally flavored


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Our Golden Roast naturally flavored Chocolate Bar coffee is a crowd-pleaser with its sweet, chocolate flavor and smooth finish.

Jazz up your morning with extra sweetness when you add this naturally sweet, chocolate classic to your lineup. We’ve added the taste of milk chocolate to our 100% Arabica beans for a crowd-pleasing blend with a smooth finish.

Enjoy the rich aroma and distinctive taste of chocolate bar in every cup. It’s like a trip to an old-fashioned chocolatier—but you won’t have to fight over the last batch of milk chocolate!

Chocolate Bar Coffee is a coffee that produces loads of flavor and sweetness in the cup. It is a coffee made for those who appreciate the flavors of chocolate. It’s also one of our favorite cold brew coffees because its characteristics are unique yet balanced.

Blind assessment: A closed, solid scent displays milk chocolate. The dense, low-toned cup impresses with its malty sweetness, a well of milk chocolate that appears to deepen in the finish, especially after the mid-range. While the dry fragrance is close to plain cocoa powder, this coffee cup isn’t “plain” at all — and certainly not superficial — but deep and intriguing for a regular coffee.

Like a squeeze of milk with your coffee, this Chocolate Bar coffee is rich and creamy. Our Chocolate Bar Coffee is a flavor straight out of autumn. Bright milk chocolate and brown sugar greet you on the first sip, followed by silky milk chocolate in the finish.

The Golden Roast Coffee Roasters – We will help you start your day off right

Our coffee beans are roasted by hand and then ground in-house. We use only the freshest ingredients and highest-quality coffee beans to ensure you get the best coffee experience possible. So take a sip of any of our gourmet coffees, and you will reach your paradise.

What makes our coffee so unique?

It all starts with the beans. We source our coffee from farms around the world, and we’re proud to be able to support these communities. Our coffee has been carefully and precisely roasted to perfection. Our beans are then packaged fresh to ensure that you get the fullest flavor experience possible.

Each cup of our Chocolate Bar coffee is a treat for your taste buds. The rich chocolate flavor and the creamy texture make this a perfect cup of coffee to enjoy on its own or with a delicious dessert!

We are a company dedicated to the love of coffee. All of our coffees are roasted and shipped right here in the United States using only the highest grade coffee beans from around the world. We believe that coffee is the single best thing you can put in your body, and we want to provide you with the best coffee that we possibly can.

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1 Pound, 5 Pounds

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Ground, Whole Bean

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  1. Jacob (verified owner)

    Bruh, these beans are has good as it gets. It smells freakin awesome and is dumb smooth in a cold brew.

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