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5 Tips on How to Order Coffee Beans Online

Sep 21, 2020 (Updated on Mar 21, 2023)

The therapeutic revitalization of hot coffee early in the morning is unmatched. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that Americans consume over 146 billion cups every year, with half of the adult population drinking coffee daily.

While many different factors may affect your coffee's quality and flavor, none has a larger effect than its quality. Whenever you do not buy the best quality beans available, you deny yourself more than just a sweet cup of coffee. To help you with that, here are some tips for ordering coffee beans online.

1. Ground Vs. Whole Beans

The first step is to decide whether to order ground coffee or whole beans. Most coffee experts will tell you to opt for whole beans whenever possible. The coffee beans begin releasing their flavors right after the roasting process. You may lose the flavor profiles if you do not store the coffee in airtight packages, away from light.

2. Roaster's Identity

You will need to determine the authenticity of the roaster. When buying from a physical coffee shop, you can inspect and confirm the quality of their roasted beans. However, when you order coffee beans online, you need to source from a local roaster that has made their name within the coffee community.

Local independent coffee shops tend to use their roasting artistry to bring out specialty flavors from the coffee. They also roast the coffee in small batches, allowing for a slower process with better quality control.

3. Coffee Roast Type

It is essential to determine the type of roast you prefer for your coffee. There are three main roast types-dark, medium and light. Dark coffee tends to appease drinkers that prefer a more savory taste. However, most of the flavors may get lost during the roasting process, and the beans become oily and dark-black. Medium roast is perfect for a cup of espresso, with most online coffee shops labeling it as an espresso roast. Most sellers will label light coffee as a filter roast, which is perfect for black coffee.

4. Roast Date

Coffee experts state that roasted coffee beans start losing its flavors and taste two weeks after roasting. Before ordering coffee beans, it may be important to check when it was roasted on the seller's website.

Remember that the 'freshness' of coffee may be relative. After roasting, coffee beans start degassing, losing carbon dioxide, which causes oxygenation of the oils. Once the degassing process begins, the coffee beans also start to lose their flavor. Whenever possible, ensure you only order coffee beans that will arrive within four days to two weeks after roasting.

5. Origin

Online coffee shops source their beans from different nations and territories. These countries have different altitudes, soil chemistry, rainfall, and sunshine, which contribute to the beans’ overall flavor. You will need to determine where your roaster gets their coffee and whether they sell it pure or blended.

As a coffee lover, life is just too short to keep drinking a bland cup every day. Therefore, as you order coffee beans online, you need to factor in the type of roast, the roast date, and whether you want them ground or as whole beans. You may also need to figure out the roaster's identity and where they source their beans.