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Four Facts You Might Not Know About Coffee

Aug 21, 2020 (Updated on Nov 28, 2023)

We all love coffee. Well, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us. And those that do love coffee tend to prefer a lot of it. Most statistics indicate that the average consumption of coffee every day in the United States comes out to 3.1 cups. While this may leave some jittery, it's just a way to wake up or enjoy life for others. Of course, it's one thing to simply use coffee to get through the day, and another to truly enjoy it on a deeper level. Many find that they best enjoy coffee if it is brewed a certain way, and can't even stand to have their coffee it's made through something like a Keurig. Others order coffee beans online in order to get a specific type of blend. Nonetheless, even if you love coffee more than any other drink in the world, we might still be able to surprise you with some of the facts below. And remember that the more you know about coffee, the more you can experiment with it to create your own perfect caffeinated beverage.

1. Hawaii Is The Sole Source Of American Coffee

You may think that when you order coffee online and it's shipped within the United States, it's American coffee. However, almost every state in the United States doesn't grow coffee itself. Hawaii is the only American state that produces coffee on its own. Why is this? Despite the demand for coffee within the United States, coffee requires specific conditions that are difficult to find within the country. Coffee requires rich soil, tropical climates, and high altitudes in order to grow properly. This makes Hawaii the perfect place to grow it. While Hawaii has been growing coffee since before it joined the United States, only recently has one state begun to experiment with coffee production: specifically, California!

2. There Are Two Different Types Of Coffee


Most of us think about coffee in one sense: as coffee beans that are turned into grounds. When you order coffee beans online, it will usually either come in the form as beans that need to be ground, or grounds that are ready as is. In fact, there are two different types of coffee plants. Robusta coffee is the stronger of the two plants, but it has twice the caffeine as its counterpart. That can make it a bit too literally strong for some people. This is why many prefer Arabica coffee, which is named for the fact that it was cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula.

3. Europe Is Where Coffee Reigns Supreme

As previously mentioned, Americans definitely love their fair share of coffee. However, though there are plenty of coffee shops in the United States, Europe imports far more coffee than the United States does. In fact, the continent has something of a coffee culture, especially in Spain and Italy. Italy models much of its daily routines around coffee. For example, while coffee with milk should not be had after the morning in Italy, many find it to be quite normal for people to take espresso shots in the afternoon and evening for an extra boost of energy. Italians are proud of their coffee, and resistant to coffee chain shops. Perhaps Americans need to get on board with more coffee consumption!

4. Coffee Cherries Can Be Eaten

Technically speaking, coffee is a fruit, and you can eat that fruit rather than simply drinking coffee itself. Therefore, if you order coffee beans online, you might want to throw in some coffee cherries as well. Back in the day, this was considered somewhat normal. Coffee berries or coffee cherries were once mixed with fat to create a kind of snack ball that was meant to provide energy. For that matter, these fruits can be fermented, ultimately creating a drink that is something like wine.

Yes, you can simply order coffee beans online. But isn't it more fun to understand where they come from, and what more you can get out of coffee? Hopefully, you've enjoyed these coffee facts, and can use them to have a better experience with your caffeine!