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Must-Know Details for Coffee Enthusiasts

Dec 21, 2019 (Updated on Mar 21, 2023)

Throughout your entire life, you must have come across people who label themselves coffee addicts. They don’t know any other way to start their day, apart from with a cup of coffee. Although addiction is known to be a bad thing, coffee addiction is not so bad. It is considered healthy, scientifically.

Besides giving you an energy boost in the morning, coffee plays a significant role in protecting you against liver diseases, type 2 diabetes as well as scaling down the risk of heart failure. Here are some interesting coffee facts.

Is Coffee Just a Drink, or Culture?

At least once in your life, you probably have received a text to talk over a cup of coffee. Over the years, coffee has proven to be more than just a drink. It has slowly been integrated into our culture. Coffee is ideal for any type of meeting, whether casual, formal, or even political.

Better still, on your coffee date, you are spoilt for choice. You can take Irish coffee, espresso, or any other type that fits your preference. Coffee has even gone ahead to support the economy of some countries such as Brazil.

Interesting Facts about Coffee

There is probably so much you don’t know about your favorite beverage. Check out our list and challenge your brain.

1. It Ranks Second, Worldwide

Of course, nothing beats crude oil when it comes to world trade. But immediately after crude oil is coffee. Apart from the world trading list, it also ranks second on the list of the most beloved drinks in the world. It is second to water.

2. It Once Financed an Athletes’ Trip

The Olympics have meant a lot since time immemorial. In the 1932 Olympics, which were happening in Los Angeles, Brazil had a challenge. As much it wanted to send its athletes to Los Angeles, it couldn’t meet the cost. To overcome the problem, they financed the trip in kind, using a full ship of coffee.

3. No Coffee in Mecca

Some of us can’t survive a day without a cup of coffee. If you fall into this category, neither would you survive in Mecca. The ban dates back to 1511 because coffee was believed to perpetuate radical thinking and idleness.

How to Distinguish Good Coffee from Bad Coffee

Coffee is not just coffee. It must be good coffee. Here is how to know the difference.

The Aroma

Your sense of smell will never lie to you. If the coffee captures your sense of smell from afar, it is good coffee. On the other hand, if you don’t even detect it, or you get a burnt smell, then that is terrible coffee.


How the coffee tastes tells so much about it. Just by tasting, you can tell the type of beans that were used. You can even go as deep as telling the country of origin. Just trust your taste buds. If you feel like something is off, such as some bitterness, then it is terrible coffee. On the other hand, if you can’t get enough of it, then it is probably good coffee.


By body, we are trying to define the feel of the coffee in terms of weight. Naturally, coffee is more viscous compared to water. Therefore, once you put it in your mouth, good coffee should feel nothing like water. On the other hand, it shouldn’t feel like sludge in your mouth.

The Aftertaste

After taking a cup of coffee, the taste does not leave immediately. You will feel some aftertaste. If it is pleasant, then you just took some excellent coffee. However, if the aftertaste is sticky or bitter, unfortunately, the coffee was not so good.

Brewing Coffee like a Pro

If you own a coffee shop, you cannot afford to take chances while good coffee. You want people coming back to your coffee shop because that is how you generate profits. The most important tip for a coffee shop is choosing the right coffee beans. Once you miss this step, no matter how much effort you put, it will all go down the drain.

Conduct some research to ensure you get freshly roasted coffee and from a reputable company. Besides having the right beans in your coffee shop, go for the whole beans. Don't order ground coffee.