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8 Qualities That Make a Good Coffee Shop

Jan 29, 2020 (Updated on Mar 21, 2023)

More than 50% of U.S. citizens aged 18 and above take coffee on a daily basis. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home always feels great. However, there is something that makes visiting brick and mortar coffee shops a memorable experience. If you’re planning to try out a coffee shop Knoxville has today, there are a number of things you need to consider to make the experience great.

1. Great Coffee

This sounds rather obvious, but what some coffee shops have to offer can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The type of coffee beans a shop uses goes a long way in determining the end result. Production of good coffee calls for fresh roasting and grinding. All these should go hand in hand with proper brewing knowledge. Always check the coffee shop’s menu to know whether they use your favorite coffee beans.

However, don’t dismiss a shop offering unfamiliar beans. The coffee industry changes from time to time and this comes with additional information to keep up with. Trying out something new could actually expand your list of favorite coffee drinks.

2. Appropriate Equipment

It’s possible to get a remarkable latte or espresso from a generic coffee machine. But serious coffee shops know the importance of investing in state of the art equipment. Quality equipment grinds coffee beans consistently to give you an exquisite cup of coffee. Now that coffee shops are in it for business, their coffee equipment should have the capacity to handle big volumes.

3. Traffic

The number of clients that visit a given coffee shop can help tell if it is successful or not. Save for off-hours such as closing time, there needs to be a stream of people walking in and out. Whether professionals or students, such kind of traffic tells you that the coffee is so great that clients keep coming back. On the other hand, avoid any coffee shop that people seem to avoid.

4. Atmosphere

In an effort to make a great impression, good coffee shops offer a comfortable and welcoming setting. If the shop is extremely dirty and messy, it’s usually not because of high customer traffic. When a coffee shop doesn’t take cleanliness seriously, clients will go elsewhere.

Some clients prefer leaving immediately after enjoying their coffee and others like sticking around. If the latter sounds like you, a coffee shop with a dining area is the best. The area should have spacious tables, comfortable chairs and plenty of natural lighting. The area must not seem crowded, especially if you have an issue with strangers.

5. Amiable and Knowledgeable Baristas

A barista’s work is not solely making coffee. Questions about coffee tend to cross the mind in the course of preparation. Instead of leaving the coffee shop with more questions than answers, a good barista will address all your queries. Should you have no idea about coffee beans, for example, the barista should enlighten you about them. The barista can even help pinpoint the best coffee for you if it’s your first time at a coffee shop.

6. Convenience

There are times when you might crave coffee but lack the time to visit coffee shops. A shop that allows you to order coffee online is convenient under such circumstances. Now that we are in the digital age, Wi-Fi at a coffee shop adds a tad more convenience as well. Having a steady and strong internet connection goes hand in hand with electrical outlets should your device run low on charge.

7. Food

Most people have a favorite snack or pastry that blends perfectly with their coffee. If washing down a creamy blueberry scone with coffee is your preference, a shop with a food menu is the best. Successful coffee shops don’t mind sourcing artisanal sandwiches and baked goods from local bakeries. Some will even have a baker in-house for the sake of their clients.

8. Time Is Money

Queuing for a couple of minutes is a small price to pay when buying tasty coffee. However, waiting in line for extended periods of time is annoying. A coffee shop that serves you quality coffee in the shortest time possible is simply the best.