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Quarantine Caffeine: How Coffee is Powering Us Through the Pandemic

Apr 24, 2020 (Updated on Mar 26, 2023)

For countless Americans, coffee is a necessity. But while some coffee shops remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, most of us are hunkering down at home for the time being. Still, that doesn't mean that caffeine is canceled. Evidence suggests that we're enjoying our java more than ever. After all, when everything else is uncertain, it's nice to know you can have a freshly brewed cup any time you need to take a little break from it all.

In fact, you could say that coffee is powering us through the pandemic. Whether you're trying to be productive from home, you're furloughed until further notice, or you still have to report to work every day, caffeine is a constant that you can count on. Here are just a few of the ways Americans are turning to coffee as a quarantine companion.

Coffee Consumption Is On the Rise

Statistics show that, among coffee drinkers, the average consumption of coffee in the U.S. is just over three cups per day. According to a survey conducted by, the pre-pandemic average was around 2.45 cups of coffee per day. Since the novel coronavirus started to spread and shelter-in-place orders were issued, their results show that people are drinking 13% more coffee on a daily basis. While many respondents noted that their coffee consumption has stayed relatively the same, people who have changed their caffeine habits have very obviously increased their consumption. Those who have increased their coffee consumption during this time did so at a rate of 112%.

In other words, we're depending on coffee even more than usual for energy, joy, and a sense of calm. Whether you're dealing with disrupted routines or you're simply feeling a bit blue, brewing another cup of joe sounds like an excellent idea.

Americans Are Trying Viral Coffee Trends

With decreased access to artisanal lattes and increased activity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it was only a matter of time before Americans would embrace a DIY coffee fad.

Dalgona coffee is the viral trend that people around the world are trying out. It's a simple recipe, containing a whipped combination of sugar, water, and instant coffee. It's meant to sit on top of a glass of cold milk -- and while some people report that it's delicious, others are really just doing it for the 'gram. Although you won't order ground coffee online for this purpose, it's a nice reminder that coffee can continue to bring people together even when we're social distancing.

Craving a Caffeine Fix? Order Coffee Online

As a society, we love the convenience that food delivery offers. And now that people are staying home as much as possible in order to flatten the curve, many of us are relying on grocery delivery services, restaurant take-out, and online shopping to obtain the necessities.

According to that survey we mentioned earlier, even the way Americans are getting their caffeine fix has changed considerably. While roughly 18.8% are going to coffee shops and just under 14% get their coffee from the grocery store, a staggering 47.3% of respondents say they order ground coffee online or obtain their coffee beans via online sources. Another 11.8% say they secure their coffee through a subscription service, suggesting that the vast majority of Americans are happy to get java delivered right to their door.

It's easy to understand why more of us have chosen to order ground coffee online or to order coffee beans online in the midst of the pandemic. It's a simple way to utilize contactless delivery and support independent roasters in the process. You can get exactly what you're looking for, rather than buying what's left on ravaged store shelves or taking an unnecessary trip outside the home. When you order ground coffee online, you can enjoy as many cups a day as you want while saving time and money, protecting your loved ones, and doing your part to keep a business running.

Social events and in-person meetings may be canceled for now, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your daily caffeine fix. We can provide the pick-me-up you need during the pandemic. For more, visit the online retail section of our website.